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‘Be humble’ Essay by 9 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

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My friend Shanvi used to be very humble since we started school.  Sometimes I was very proud. Even if I got a new pencil, I would show it off.


Once during the school sports, my friend won a medal for her house and yet remained down to earth. She was very submissive even when she was being praised for her achievement. One day our class teacher made an  announcement that there would be a violin musical competition. We all became very excited about it. My friend Shanvi was very good at playing violin. She helped me and other girls to practice for the competition after school and during recess. Finally the day came and we all played our best piece. Our band was well synchronized. All the teachers, guests, and others appreciated our hard work.  Shanvi was very polite. I felt very proud of my self. 


When I reached home my parents too told me that I you should not behave like this and to learn something from my friend who she is not at all pretentious. She knows everything yet is humble.


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