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‘A horrific book!’ Story by 15 year old Bookosmian from Chennai

Horror book story read with Sara Bookosmia

Story: A horrific book!

It was my birthday and all my friends attended the party. After the party was over, I opened the gifts one by one. 


Among the gifts, the book gifted by my friend Rekha attracted me very much. I took it to my room to read. It was late so my mom asked me to sleep and read the book the next day. I reluctantly kept the book down but the back cover of the book took me by surprise. It read ‘Follow the instructions and complete the book in one go. Whatever you do, do not leave it incomplete.’ 


Those words triggered my curiosity. I decided to just open and read it for a bit. It was a horror story. I love horrors and thrillers. 


On the 22nd page, the instruction was to turn to page 36. It said, “Do not ignore and follow the instruction to the letter.” 


I was a little scared at this point and closed the book but the words written in the back cover came to mind.


‘‘Follow the instructions and complete the book in one go. Whatever you do, do not leave it incomplete.’ 


I opened the book quickly and continued reading. I had heard of messages or emails that claimed it will bring bad luck if not forwarded. But those were just hoaxes. Was this real? Rekha had no idea what she had gifted me! 


I was almost at the end. Page 164. There was an instruction there.

‘Turn to page 170.’

Then the instructions began to tell me to jump across different pages and soon I was exhausted. I saw another instruction – turn to Page 190 or else..


I threw the book and went to sleep at whatever risk that meant.


The next week my friend Rekha came to my house asking about the book. I shouted in fear and anger. I told her all about the creepy experience. She giggled and asked me to bring the book. I found the book in the garden which had been thrown by me through the window. She turned to page 190. I closed my eyes shouting at her not to open. She kept it in my hands. By gathering all my courage, I slowly opened my eyes. 


There was a photo of me standing along with Rekha. There was also a poem written by her.


So this is what page 190 was! My fears turned to laughter and I gave her a great hug.


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