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Rainy Season – Why Do Rains Make Us Poets? | Bookosmia

Why do rains bring out the poet in each one of us, wonders 13 year old Yashvi Jalan from Kolkata.

Rainy season - Why do rains make us poets?

Notable poets like H.W. Longfellow and William Shakespeare have been aspired to write poems revolving around the topic ‘rainy day’. They often find a spark of light in this weather which help them right undeviating pieces.

I often face a quandary as to what is so eclectic in this atmosphere. I guess after recalling those catchy memories of mine I may have finally found a suitable answer to my query.


The patchy and overcast sky, just like the pallet of an artist, filled with vivid shades of grey bestows its darkness all over the area. The scampering lightning and ferocious growls of thunder try to portray their authority in all four directions.


Rainy season - Why do rains make us poets?


Before its rejuvenating arrival, a petrichor smell entices the environment, the long – awaited droplets strike the window, leaving a blurry photographic effect. In no time the torrential rain inundates the streets. Crystal clear droplets accumulating on the surface of the leaves not only refreshes them but also reveals an artistic view.

The numerous minute droplets leave behind a cooling temperature. Relishing this mystical atmosphere by sitting under the shed on the terrace which often welcomes inhospitable rain drops during heavy downpour and savoring ‘halwa’ and ‘papad’, is what makes my day.

Rainy season - Why do rains make us poets?

Playing a personalized playlist full of instrumental and soothing music, calms down my tensed nerves.

Maniacally, running into the rain, completely drenching in water and eventually getting a good dose of scolding is what adds life to this season!

Rainy season - Why do rains make us poets?

However, the unceasing rain, often referred to as god’s tears, cheats on wi-fi.

So I guess, there is an enchanting connection between poetry and rain.

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