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Monsoon : Jumping On Muddy Puddles | Bookosmia

Monsoon : Jumping on muddy puddles



After long days of sweat
We get a message that is wet,
They tell us the clouds have changed their course,
And are sending the raindrops on a trek.


The monsoon finally lands,
On the coolest flight,
The plants get tall,
And our surroundings look bright.


Everyone cuddles under the quilt,
While holding drinks and snacks,
With playing all day,
And taking huge long naps.


Jumping in the puddles,
Floating on the boats,
With big fat boots,
And colorful raincoats.


The best part of this season,
Is getting all days leave,
From all the classes ,
And all the grieves.


The joy and love,
Shared with one another,
A sacred path of monsoon,
And a special treasure trove.


Monsoon : Jumping on muddy puddles



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