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Rainy Day-Smell Of Earth, Paper Boats And Hot Chocolate! | By 6 year old

What does the perfect day look like for you? For 5.5 year old Wrishik Ghosh, a Bookosmian from Kolkata, it’s rains and all the lovely perks of the weather.
Rainy day - Smell of the earth, paper boats and hot chocolate!
It was a bright sunny afternoon. Suddenly, the sky became dark as gray clouds covered the sun. I was in the park playing with my friends and suddenly I heard the sound of thunder as if it was the sound of a drum. I felt some drops of water falling on my face and in no time it started to rain heavily.
I saw that the trees started to look fresh and the mud had a lovely smell. I played with my friends and got drenched in the rain. We even made paper boats and sailed them. It was so much fun jumping in the muddy puddles and the dirty water splashed on each one of us.
I came back home and took a nice warm bath. My mom had made some hot chocolate and after drinking it I slept off as I was very tired. I enjoyed my day a lot and wish it rains again soon like this.
Rainy day - Smell of the earth, paper boats and hot chocolate!

2 Responses

  1. Its amazing to see young kids showing so much of interest and enthusiasm to learn new things and grab opportunities.
    Rainy day by Wrishik is a wonderful expression of writing.

  2. Observation at its best, nurturing creativity from a such a tender age will indeed have great impact on their thought process. Such a matured write up by wrishik. Keep it up little boy ❤️

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