Ananya Patil

9 Years

Delhi Public School, Navi Mumbai

Ulwe city , Navi Mumbai

Red Alert- Heavy Rains| Blog by Ananya,9, Navi Mumbai

We have been hearing of heavy rains across the country. 9-year-old Ananya from Navi Mumbai shares how life was thrown off-gear where she lives. 

Red Alert Rains Mumbai Blog Bookosmia

Red Alert – Heavy Rains


It was raining heavily. We students were glad to know that we were granted a holiday the next day. While coming home, I saw our roads were water logged and many cars were half submerged. My father was at the clinic.  We called him and warned him to come safely back home. When I got down from my bus, I felt like it was a river. I loved playing in the rainwater. Then I got home safely. 


I came home and told my mother and Nani (maternal grandmother) about it. Nani lives in Pune. They did not have any problem. The rains only seemed to be in Mumbai. 


In the evening, the water levels doubled and no one dared to step out of their homes. Many bikes and trucks were stuck in muddy waters. Many people bravely volunteered to help people who were stranded. Soon, it was time to sleep. 


In the morning, my mother woke me up and told me that things were better. We did not need to worry. 

I watched the news. It said that a mountain collapsed in a village near Raigad, Maharashtra. 

I prayed to God for the safety of the people there. I understood that while nature is beautiful, it also has a side of fury. 

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