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Should we worry about climate change? Essay by Varnika,12,Kolkata

What is climate change? 12-year-old Varnika explores this subject in this powerful essay. 

Climate change anxiety essay bookosmia kids

Should we worry about climate change?


Climate change refers to the rise in temperatures and shifts in the weather patterns. The shifts can be natural, due to changes in the sun’s activity or large volcanic eruptions. 


Since the 1800s, humans have been the main cause of climate change, because of burning of fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas, deforestation, and others. People think that worrying about climate change is not necessary thinking that it will not affect them. However, even if we don’t worry about it, it is already affecting our world today. We still have time to limit the impact. We should worry about climate change because of many reasons. 

I would like to list some.


    Snow leopards, turtles and polar bears are incredible species. Climate change will mean big changes for animals in the world. If we care about these species, we must care about the changing climate, which will make it difficult for these animals to find food and decrease their habitats.

icebergs melting climate change bookosmia kids


    Some people also require a cup of coffee as soon as soon as they get up in the morning, but the effects of climate change on coffee are quite sad. Coffee producers are witnessing reduced harvests, and more pests. Even wine production can take a hit too.

International Coffee day - A sip of Elfchen poetry

        Coral reefs are a must watch and seeing movies like ‘Finding Nemo,’ makes it all the more tempting. Even these beautiful homes will crumble because of our changing climate.

Warmer air and ocean temperatures are the causes of coral bleaching, where corals lose their colour and perish. Acidification of the ocean because of increased CO2 in the atmosphere compounds the problem. The ocean today is 26% more acidic than it was in 1990. Climate change is bad news for people who have not yet gotten the chance to see the Great Barrier Reef yet.

climate change impact on reef

    Clean water is as necessary as good food. Even a small increase in global temperatures destabilises the water cycle and leads to water scarcity.


Rainforests are unique and are described as ‘the world’s lungs’. Moreover, they are the most precious habitats on the planet. They are home to astonishing species on Earth. Yet, over a third of the Amazon rainforest is already threatened by climate change. Amazon forests are being cut down to grow palm trees for palm oil. Although, it is not used in something beneficial, it is used in junk food!

rainforest story kids bookosmia


We all deserve clean air, but with increasing carbon emissions, it is compromising the air quality which affects human health, especially children. Air pollution can lead to asthma, lung and heart disease. We are fortunate to live on a beautiful, diverse, nurturing and awe-inspiring planet. Our future generations also deserve the same.

earth poem bookosmia

 Millions of people are working together for our planet. Events like Earth Day are a brilliant reminder that we are capable of great things, and we can make the changes happen for the right reasons. Action on climate is essential.


Climate change will not only impact forests, or coral reefs, but it will affect all of us. Reducing our carbon footprint is fundamentally necessary to create a world where people and nature can thrive.


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