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Palau Islands Tourism – Dear Friend, I Would Love To Visit | Bookosmia

11 year old Drea Sujeet from Mysore makes us go ‘whoa’ with this holiday letter to a girl in Palau. Know where it is? Read on in our travel blogs by kids

Palau Islands tourism - Dear friend, I would love to visit

Dear Aulani,

Hi! I’m Drea, from India. I find your island country, Palau extremely fascinating. I have always wanted to visit it. I feel that small countries have great beauty and it’s a must to explore it. Honestly, little did I know that there is an island country named Palau, I came across it in one of the famous English movies, ‘Journey 2: to the mysterious island’.

In the movie, two of the main characters are from Palau. I searched Palau up on Google and I found out that it’s an archipelago of 500 islands and also the fact that Palau is the first country in the world to ban environmentally harmful sunscreen!

It would be wonderful living on one such island. You are so close to the water and natural resources too! According to me, countries like yours best define tourism.

Palau Islands tourism - Dear friend, I would love to visit

I would have loved to visit during my vacations but due to the pandemic I couldn’t even step out of my house! I’ve always wondered how life is on an island. I don’t fancy city life at all. It’s super crowded and so polluted. People hardly take the initiative to even know what’s happening around their own locality. I would take any chance to escape the city and live on a calm and cool island. Believe me, you wouldn’t want to spend your whole life in a city. And I’m a foodie so you probably know what I am going to ask next.

What’s the traditional food of Palau? Do you cook? I’m sure that everything you get there is going to be tasty. I just seem to know it! And just in case I visit, just letting you know that I’m not very fond of fish so please serve me something instead of that!

Palau Islands tourism - Dear friend, I would love to visit

There are so many questions coming to my mind about the lifestyle of Palau.

Now, the first thing that’s intriguing me is, what the weather in your country would be like? I mean, yeah I know that it’s going to be a tropical climate and all that. But what happens when you encounter floods? Have you ever encountered it? That’s the only reason I am afraid to go on an island. You never know about the climate. It can totally betray you! I don’t even know swimming that well so I’m really afraid. Just confirm that we don’t have to swim too much and I’ll be there!

Palau Islands tourism - Dear friend, I would love to visit

Now the next question, what are your traditions? Like, you’re traditional dances and songs. When I visit Palau, I would love to hear all these melodious songs and see all the beautiful dances in person.

In India, we have many traditions. It’s one of the many reasons why India is so popular for tourism. But for a change, I would love to know the traditional songs and dances of other countries as well. I don’t know dance that well but if I get the hang of the songs I would love to sing along!

Now the last question on my mind is, (I have more questions to ask, but this letter is going to be too long so I’ll just keep it on hold), how many religions are there in your country? I have heard that there mostly Christians but are there any other religions that are followed in Palau? I would love to know.

The questions I asked above can be easily answered by Google in just a few seconds, but I thought it will be even better getting all the information from a citizen of the country.


Palau Islands tourism - Dear friend, I would love to visit


You know what? I’m going to visit your country during my summer vacations this year and I’m going to tell all my friends, family and relatives about the wonders of Palau. And if you get a chance, don’t forget to visit India too.

Hope you reciprocate my letter soon. Can’t wait to visit Palau!

Yours affectionately,

Drea Sujeet



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