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World Food Day- ​ The Talking Banana



Once there was a banana that lived in a big bowl on a dining table. He was only scared of one thing, being cut into small pieces.

One day he heard something. It was Aarna’s mother speaking. “Aarna, please eat the banana.” Aarna said “Ok mum.” When she picked the banana, the banana said, “Oh please don’t eat me, I’m just a child.”

Aarna gasped. “Did I hear you talk little banana?” Aarna asked surprisingly. “I’ve never heard a banana talk before,” she told him.

“Well, I can talk but please don’t eat me.” said the banana. “Ok,” Aarna replied. After that day they became friends.

One night when everybody was sleeping, Aarna’s mother got up. She was feeling hungry, she picked up the banana. But Aarna came just in time. “Hey mum, stop! Do not eat the banana!” cried Aarna. “Ok, I will eat an apple.” said her mum.


World Food Day- ​ The Talking Banana


In the morning Aarna told the banana about the incident last night. “Thank you Aarna, you are my true friend.” said the banana. “Oh, it’s ok. I can do anything to save you,” said Aarna.

One day Aarna’s friend Masha came to her house to study, but after some time Aarna got sleepy. “Hey Masha, I’m taking a nap, please wake me up after 15 minutes,” said Aarna in a sleepy voice. “Ok,” said Masha. When Aarna was asleep Masha felt hungry. She saw the talking banana inside Aarna’s bag. So, she picked it up. As soon as she began to peel the banana, the banana spoke “Please don’t eat me.” Masha was terrified.

“Aarna there is a talking banana in your room!” she said. Aarna woke up and replied, “I know but do not tell anybody.” she said. “Ok,” replied Masha. After that day Masha came almost every day to Aarna’s house.

One day the banana got sick and it started becoming pale. Aarna got worried. She asked the banana what had happened. The banana told Aarna that maybe he was missing his family. When her mom got to know about the banana missing his family, she asked the banana where he used to live.

“I used to live in Chengazhikodu, a small village in Kerala.” said the banana. They went to the village. When they reached there, they found the tree in which the banana used to live. The whole tree could talk and very happy to meet the banana again.

World Food Day- ​ The Talking Banana

So, they bought the tree and replanted it in their garden, and they all lived happily together.

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