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Anant Mohta

13 Years

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Delhi Public School


Varanasi- A Holy Trip | Travel Blog by Anant,12,Kolkata

Let’s celebrate tourism day with our favourite travel memories. 12 year old Anant Mohta, a Bookosmian from Kolkata tells us about his trip to Varanasi.
Tourism Day - A holy trip to Varanasi - Ganga Arti

Situated on the banks of the holy river Ganga, Varanasi or Banaras (or Kashi) is a perfect place for religious enthusiasts and believers.

When visiting Banaras, get set for a lot of fun and monkeys who are a major sighting there! These mischievous arboreals keep the air filled with those kee-kee sounds the entire day.

Tourism Day - A holy trip to Varanasi - Ganga Arti

Moreover, Kashi is a paradise for foodies. My favorite dishes are Shrikhand, and the malaiyo and is available only during winter.

Speaking of winter, no other place feels as cold as Varanasi during winter. There is thick fog during morning and waking up early in the morning is almost a dream. I am shocked by how my nani wakes at 5 in morning.


Known as the spiritual capital of India, the sights of this city are worth witnessing. Believe me, your travel is  incomplete  without witnessing its serene ghats by the holy river of Ganga.

The tranquil winds are rejuvenating, and they take all the pain and stress away. The crowds at night that gather during Ganga Aarti are enjoyable. It is indeed one of the highlights of this holy place.

Tourism Day - A holy trip to Varanasi - Ganga Arti

Did you know how many ghats are there in Varanasi? There are 80 of them! The last of them being the Assi Ghat, and Assi translates to 80! Moreover, I am very blessed to have my  nani’s house at a place which is very close to one of the most visited temple – the Kal-Bhairava temple.  The god there is Lord Bhairava. He is known as the Kashi Kotwal or the Guarder of Banaras and a Black Coloured dog is his Vahan (vehicle).


If you ask me to define Banaras in a way other then a place for religions, I will describe it as the paradise of foodies. Apart from Puchka being the jewel of the crown, Banaras has some exotic dishes for you to taste when you go there.

Tourism Day - A holy trip to Varanasi - Ganga Arti

Shrikhand and Malaiyo are my favourite dishes. They are yellow coloured and are very tasty. Shrikhand is a yellow-hued dish made from yogurt. Malaiyo is also a yellow coloured dish. It is made out of milk and a yellow cloud stays above it. There is a “Dina Chat Wala” which makes amazing chats. It actually makes everything out of 1 puchka which is an art itself.

Banaras is also famous for paans. There was a time when ‘ Khaike Paan Banaras wala’ song was on the mouth of every child of the country. Pans have only added to the cultural and religious beauty of the city.

Tourism Day - A holy trip to Varanasi - Ganga Arti

Banaras has been a place of mixed feelings. I never understood how time flies there. I have a walk of suppose, 20 mins and the clock shows difference of 50 minutes. Taking a dip in the Ganga feels like heaven.

Another interesting aspect about Kashi is that it has more lanes than roads. You don’t know where you can reach just by going through those galis (nooks).


My tickets to the holy city have been booked. Going after 2 and a half years just feels different. I couldn’t help but count days left for this amazing journey via flight, which is another amazing thing.

 I hope to have a lot of fun, and some puchka.



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