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#SaraReads: Story- Ocean and the Fisherman

#SaraReads stories for kids by young author Kolkata Navoneet

Once upon a time, in India, two fishermen lived near the ocean. They were  called Sonmaal and Dholak.  One day, like all other days their boat was in the  ocean as they sailed to catch fish. Suddenly, Dholak saw a shining brass jar. He  picked it up. Sonmaal took it and dried it. Then they both turned it upside down. A pouch of gold coins fell out of it. They were stunned. They sailed back to the shore and quickly went to the Mayor’s house and showed it to him.


Mayor was overjoyed and he took it from them and showered them with gifts. Then he asked them to get more coins or else they will be beheaded. They were scared of the threat given by the mayor. Next day they again went to the ocean. Suddenly, a thunderstorm started. They tried hard to sail steadily but they lost their way. After hours of struggling, when the weather was calm, they collapsed on the boat and the boat took them to an old abandoned island.


They got down on the island and started to explore it. Suddenly they found a  place where a lot of fish scales were lying. They were surprised. Suddenly they saw an old man. He came and told them to dive under the sea.


They dived under the water and they saw that there were so many fish lying dead there. They became very sad. They came to the island where the old man was standing, they asked him how did it happen. He said because of the  chemicals and garbage thrown by human to the ocean the fish died.


The old man asked them to go back to their own place and tell all to stop killing fish this way.They promised him that they would do so and went back to their  own place.


The Mayor was eagerly waiting for them and more gold coins. But when they told him everything he did not give them any punishment. He had a change of heart and made them his ministers and from that day their city never threw garbage or any chemical waste to the ocean.

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