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‘Fisherman and Golden Fish’ Book Review by 7 year old Achyutasharan Sahu from Chennai

Book Review with Sara Fisherman and Golden Fish Bookosmia

Book Reviews with Sara for kids, by kids BookosmiaHello book lovers, your friend Sara here! I love how you are all pouring in your write ups on your favourite books.

After all, if a story is written for young readers, shouldn’t they get to share their review of it?


Here is a young reader, 7 year old Achyutasharan Sahu from Chennai with a review of his favourite book.

Book Review with Sara Achyutasharan Sahu from Chennai Bookosmia

Achyutasharan Sahu  is very curious to learn new things and got “Leaps and Bounds Award” from his School @Plano, TX, USA during his stay in USA. He enjoys Badminton, and was playing with  Richardson, TX Team  under 3 years group. Making LOGO blocks apart from reading and drawing. He loved to help to her mother in Kitchen during this leisure period. He is a  student of NSN Memorial Senior Secondary School, Chitlapakkam, Chennai.


Book Review with Sara Fisherman and Golden Fish Bookosmia

Title: Fisherman and Golden Fish

Author: Alexander Pushkin

Published in 1835 and  translated in English by Robert Chandler.

It is a fairy tale.

When I saw this book first time, I was so curious to know about Golden Fish  and why the Golden Fish is fulfilling the fisherman wishes.

This is one of my favourite stories books. I loved this story book because, on  the front cover there is a nice golden fish and old fisherman standing near the river.


This book has lots of colourful pictures of huts, river and gardens. My father bought this book and gifted it to me at a railway station, when we were travelling to our native place.

The characters of the story are fisherman, his wife and the golden fish.

The setting of the story is in the riverside and huts.

The story is about a fisherman who managed to catch a golden fish which  promises to fulfil any wish of his, in exchange for its freedom. The important  part of the story is ‘Golden Politeness’ response.

The key takeaway of the story is the victory of good over evil, in a conflict between the two. At the end of the story it teaches about an old woman who got punished  for her greed.

If I could change one thing about the book, I would like to add a son or daughter in the fisherman family.

The writing style and photos are simple for 7+ year olds, illustrations very attractive and the book has a nice colourful, soft look.

Overall, the book is very good in terms of story and attractive illustrations. My review rating for the book is 5*. Thank You!!!

*On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest


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  1. I can’t believe that it is written by a 7 year old … The way of writing is explicit and he even point out the moral values . He sure is a bright child.
    This review was really efficient and amazing
    Keep it up

  2. I used to regularly read book review but this one seems to be well written and good converse from all the aspects. Kudos dear!!!

  3. Wow… Thanks a lot Sara (bookosmia) for giving opportunity and raising and Motivating the Kids . thanks Dear Achyutasharan!!!

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