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#SaraReads: Essay- An ocean of emotions in a teenager

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The ‘teen’ age is the time period in a person’s life which comes between the  ages 13 and 19 years inclusive. During these years many changes take place, both physically and mentally. This the growth period in one’s life which is also the most cherished.

Children grow physically and become more mature but that can cause new  thoughts to dominate our minds. The thoughts regarding our bodies, connects to thoughts about our social picture, how other people see and judge us, what  we can do to become ‘cool and popular’ and how we believe that we know how to take care of ourselves.


It is during this time that we come out of our parents’ shadows and start  voicing our opinions. This can cause anger in a child. To them what seems right may not be the same for their parents’ and they feel agitated to be pushed around thinking that they know better.

Another very common emotion in a teenager is that of sadness. The  hormones in our bodies can cause mood swings, especially in girls but the  feeling of depression can also come from being bullied or mocked. This can  cause a child to feel bad as they understand that the world is not all rainbows and cupcakes and that there can only be a few good people.

Teenagers sometimes feel too many emotions and get overwhelmed by them  in situations which they have never faced. But one thing that is important is  that everyone does not feel the same way. The reaction to a loved one’s death for one teenager could be anger and for another, depression while someone else might feel guilty.


With this I would like to end and say that no matter how violent the storm of  emotions inside a teenager may be, it will always calm down with the correct approach.

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