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Seeyona Guha

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New subjects in schools, please?| By Seeyona,10, Hyderabad

Which is your favourite subject at school? 10-year-old Seeyona from Hyderabad, bats for newer subjects. Must read!

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A school is a place which allows young minds to learn, explore and create new ideas as teams in peer groups. While we receive a lot of academic knowledge all through the year, I feel we must also be taught about agriculture and cooking at school.

Having agriculture and cooking classes will teach children the importance of the hard work that goes into providing food.

Agriculture is one of the most important occupations of India. So, teaching it will not only help children know more about growing crops, fruits and vegetables but will also make them respect our farmers.

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Besides, they will become aware about climate change which will help them to understand and choose from different career options related to agriculture and environment when they grow up.


While it may not be possible for many schools to have their own farms, there may be ways to organize farm visits for school students in nearby areas.

Also, nowadays life is proceeding fast with technology and that might help in agriculture too. Therefore, in order to be able to provide better technological solutions in agriculture, it is important that we start learning about it in school itself.

Cooking is a ‘life skill’ that everyone should learn, because we cannot imagine going without food for even one day!

Learning how to cook has many benefits – it teaches us about the nutritional value of food and develops healthy eating habits. Also, I think cooking offers the best opportunity for experimentation and innovation. And in India, with so many different cultures, the possibilities to learn and cook different cuisines is endless.

Food is our basic need for survival on earth and knowing how to grow and cook our own food is an essential skill that we all must definitely learn.

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