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Planet Unicorn : Making a new friend| Story by Dhakshitha, 8, Chennai

What if you could be friends with anyone you like? 8-year-old Dhakshitha from Chennai writes a wonderful story about an unexpected unicorn friend.

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Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Katie Bella.  One night ,she heard a sound coming from the window. She got out of bed and saw an unicorn.

              “You are so beautiful!” screamed Katie in awe.

“ Hello, my name is Venus. What is your name?” asked the Unicorn.

“My name is Katie Bella but you can call me Katie,” said Katie still in awe. They were chatting for quiet sometime and Venus left when it was dawn.

                     Again the next day, Venus came to visit Katie. They became good friends.  Katie informed her parents that she had met an unicorn and wanted to visit her home. They agreed and that night Venus took Katie to Planet Unicorn. There Katie met Venus’s mother Lana.

                   Katie and Venus played in the horn park for a long time .They saw a baby unicorn who was about to fall on a rock. They saved her and Katie returned home happily.

unicorn planet story kids bookosmia

 Katie narrated her experience to her parents. When Katie told her mother about Venus’s parents, she started laughing. Katie asked her why she was laughing, she said, “Lana was my childhood unicorn friend and the same thing has happened to you. We together saved the planet Unicorn from aliens once. It seems true friendship will continue for generations.”

                       Katie was surprised to hear that. They invited Venus and her family for a tea party. When the party was going on, she suddenly heard the doorbell ring. She said “One moment. I will get the door.”

                         Then she woke up and realized that it was a dream and the delivery man had brought her a new unicorn toy.


Katie smiled and said, “That was an amazing dream!”

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