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Face to face with a mountain troll|Fan fiction by Vedika, 11, Bangalore

What if you encountered a mountain troll? 11-year old Vedika from Bangalore imagines her own Potter-inspired version!

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Face to face with a mountain troll 

One day, I came face to face with a mountain troll. I was brave. I took out my wand and swish! I said, “Stupefy!”

It had no effect on the troll so next I tried to do a new spell and suddenly a North Asian Sorpeet appeared. I was shocked because these kind of magical creatures were very rare. I knew Seropet language (their language) and was trying to speak to the Sorpeet but it was very adamant.  It kept saying, “I’ll manage, you go.”
I said, “No way I’m not going. I’m going stay and help.”
At last it gave up and we both fought the troll.
What a glorious day it was!

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