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Netflix : Extraordinary Attorney Woo| Review by Aditi,17,Bangalore

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is about a rookie lawyer on the autism spectrum. How well made is the show? 17 year old Aditi from Bangalore gives her analysis.

attorney woo netflix show review

Netflix : Extraordinary Attorney Woo

A bout of cold and fever, which is a common occurrence during this time of the year, can be quite irritating . But what better way to get some rest than binge watching a hugely popular show on Netflix? That is precisely what I did in the last two days .

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a Korean drama series where the titular character, who is also the main protagonist, is a brilliant rookie attorney who is on the Autism spectrum . The series begins with Woo graduating from the university as a topper and joining a leading law firm . Her journey from a rookie assigned to an unwilling supervisor to a successful attorney who is able to use her exceptional memory and superior visualisation and logical thinking, while working on her articulation challenges, to win some difficult cases forms the rest of the story .

My biggest concern with shows that deal with disabilities is that they tend to glamourise disability in a way that negates the journey of those with the condition . The good part about the series is that it tells a honest to goodness tale without turning it into a sixteen plus hours of inspirational content. The characters have been sketched really well and the actors have justified their roles .

Besides the titular character,  noteworthy mention should also be made of the character of Young Woo’s supervisor, whose journey from a sceptic to an encouraging mentor has been portrayed rather well .

Peppered with humour in appropriate places, the show depicts the journey of the young attorney as she tries to navigvate the dynamics of working in a large firm, making depositions in the courtroom and even understanding the tricky world of dating and relationships , while managing her sensory difficulties . The climax of the first season which shows Young Woo successfully navigate the revolving doors of the office and describing her frame of mind as having a sense of fulfilment is the icing on the cake .
I am an autistic person who will legally become an adult in eight months and I aspire to have an adulthood that is productive, where my identity is respected and I am a true equal . The sense of fulfilment that you get by achieving the status of a true equal without compromising on the essence of your being is something that most of us neurodivergent people aspire for .

A very good watch, I will rate the show with five stars, for it is one of the most authentic stories about Autism that I have seen done.

8 Responses

  1. Wow very well reviewed Aditi 👏👏had not seen this web series..will watch for sure…..keep writing 🥰😊

  2. I liked this series too Aditi; good to hear from you that the portrayal of Autism in this series is close to reality. Appreciate your thoughts on adulthood 🙂

  3. Lovely review Aditi. Yes I was thinking the same too. I binge watched this one and definitely agree with your review and rating. Lots of hope and wishes to your approaching adulthood too dear ❤️❤️

  4. Yes ..Adithi…i agree with u’s a good series with sum insights into the autistic brain and thinking at the same time not glamourising or preachy…

  5. Hi Aditi, I like your insights into the show. I too thought the show was very good, gives a good insight into many of the outward manifestations of autism. Did you see the episode with a minimally verbal boy on thr spectrum? I thought that was one of the best representations of the condition.

  6. A well nuanced review, Dear Aditi. Very fluent flow of expression. The characters have been very well analysed. A hearty welcome to you to your upcoming milestone of independent, impressive, adulthood. It will usher in many more memorable creative literary contributions from your multi-faceted mindspace. Keep spinning winning terrific tales!

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