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Shay Agarwal

8 Years

53 Years

St. Xavier’s Collegiate School


My plants are like my pets| Blog by Shay,8, Kolkata

Here is 8 year old Shay Agarwal from Kolkata with a wonderful and energizing essay about how took to gardening as the coolest past time.

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As I was pretty bored during my summer vacations of my online school, I  decided to ask my friends what they were doing to get rid of this boredom.


My friend Praket was spending time in learning to stitch whereas, my friend  Kabeer was learning to play chess. I thought I needed to do something way cooler than them. I started to take suggestions from my parents and elder  sister. I could not find something amazing to do from my parents but my sister gave me a fabulous idea, gardening!!!

That’s when it struck me we also had some tomato, spinach, coriander, roses  and marigold seeds. I asked my mom to help me with getting started. My sister also gave me an idea that we could do some hanging plants. She added some special strings to the pots and also painted them with mesmerizing colours, so that we could make our terrace garden a beautiful hanging garden.

We started with my favourite tomato plant. I put some organic fertilizer and  then added some seeds. Then my mother added some more soil on top of the  seeds so it could settle down. At the end we added water.


All the waiting for the plant to grow was testing my patience. Each day I would  talk to the plants for their good health too. I am now waiting for my vegetables  to grow completely so that I can taste fresh vegetables.

tomato plant bookosmia kids

The buds of my flower have come out and the marigold has started blooming  too.

I love my garden and I nurture the plants like my own pets.

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