Pratyusha Pathak

11 Years

Kendriya Vidyalaya Ambernath


Flower Garden : THE BOTTLE BRUSH plant| Poem by 12 year old Pratyusha from Ambernath

Heard of the bottlebrush plant? 12 year old Pratyusha from Ambernath marvels at the lessons pretty flower teach us!

bottle brush plant poem bookosmia

Flower garden : THE BOTTLE BRUSH plant

Have you ever seen a Bottlebrush?

They’re the most amusing sort of flowers.

They haven’t got the flirty Daffodil’s pout.

Instead, they have bristles on the stems, sticking their heads out.

They are nothing like elegant Roses and enticing Water Lilies.

They lack the radiance of a Sun flower or the daintiness of an Edelweiss.

They are not the gracious Angelonia, neither the prim Geraniums.

They are spiky and cheeky and winsome,

And you know what? – they are just fine like that,

As they have their own songs to hum.

bottle brush plant poem bookosmia

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  1. What a lovely poem. Author’s description of flowers is phenomenal. What was never noticed in lifetime could be imagined so vividly today. Thanks Pratyusha.

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