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Things I love about my India | Blog by 8 year old Riyaarth from Gurgaon

What do you love most about India? 8 year old Riyaarth from Gurgaon shares his views on the country in this essay highlighting our deep heritage.

India love blog by kids bookosmia

My country India is like a great melting pot where different people, thought processes, lifestyles, cultures and philosophies merge together. But what I really love about my country is its ability to give the best things to the world.

 The name Bharata – “bha” means knowledge and “rata” means to relish, a land where people relish knowledge. India was Vishwa guru (world teacher) almost till 1000 A.D. During that time India was home to many great universities like Nalanda University, Taxila University, Vikramshila University which had many foreign students from Thailand, Japan, China, Iran etc. It was the great Indian scientist Aryabhata who gave world the concept of zero and many facts about our earth and solar system. Many of our concepts are originally given by great scholars like Kanad, Panini, Varahmihir, Chanakya and Charka the great doctor. The teachings of buddha are appreciated by the whole world. I admire my country because when the world was in darkness India emerged as great teacher of love, peace, science, philosophy and art.

We the children of India should try to bring back its old glory by educating ourselves and revisiting our roots and heritage.

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