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English Vocabulary: My favourite words| By 11 year old Reyansh from Kolkata

Do you have a favourite word? 11 year old Reyansh from Kolkata has five and each of them are super interesting!

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Hello, I am here to tell you my about my favourite words. My five favourite words are artificial intelligence, agriculture, achievement, comedy and cricket.
I learnt all these words at school or with my friends while we were discussing our projects. I even know the meaning of these words like artificial intelligence means the brain of robots, agriculture means the production of crops, achievement means to do something successfully, comedy means something funny and cricket is a sport. I commonly use these words during essays or some general talks. These words are commonly used by me in front of my friends or with a teacher in a discussion.
I do think now that it is important to have a vast vocabulary as it makes you sound better in a conversation and helps you to communicate your thoughts clearly. This is why you should have a vast vocabulary.

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