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If Plants Could Talk | Story by Vidya,8, Bangalore

8 year old Vidya Iyer, a Bookosmian from Bangalore, overhead a fascinating conversation between plants and recounts it for us! What do you think plants talk about?

Terrace garden conversation - If plants could talk

One day, I became a big, beautiful pink rose from a small bud. It took me two weeks to grow into a flower from a bud. But, I was sad as I was alone and bored. I feared I might dry up soon with no friends around.

One sunny morning, I saw Lucy watering the plant I was on. I was hoping I get more flower friends around me.

Two days later, Lucy got many more pots and put them in the garden next to me. Lots of buds appeared around me. I was so happy to see them.


Terrace garden conversation - If plants could talk


I was joyful to see other flowers like white jasmines, red hibiscus and yellow and orange marigolds blooming too. On the plant that I was on, I saw more pink roses blooming just like me. I was so happy that I had lovely friends in many vibrant colours all around me.

One cloudy evening, Lucy’s friend Kelly told Lucy to pluck me and some of my friends and put me in a vase. But Lucy said no. Kelly said, “But the flowers will look very nice in a vase.”

Lucy said, “No Kelly, I like my flowers so much, I don’t want to pluck them.”

Kelly said, “But Lucy, you can still keep them in the vase and see them anytime you want.”

Lucy replied, “Did you know that roses last only one week in the vase? But if I leave them in the garden, they will last for two long weeks!”

Kelly was thrilled to know this and said, “I did not know this before! Let us leave these beautiful flowers on the plant as they look very bright and live longer in the garden.”

Lucy asked Kelly, “Did you know that flowers can become fruits and vegetables?”

Lucy showed Kelly red flowers that become her favourite pomegranate fruits in her garden. She also showed white flowers that grow into purple coloured brinjals and yellow flowers that become big fat pumpkins.


Terrace garden conversation - If plants could talk


Lucy said her teacher taught her that some vegetables like carrots, beet roots, turnips and radish come from tap roots and not flowers.

I was listening to Kelly and Lucy all this while, as they were sitting in the garden and chatting about all my friends. I did not feel lonely now. I had so many friends. I was surprised to know that thanks to my friends and me, humans have a happy life.

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