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Hats off to all women! A poem on Women’s Day | Bookosmia

Read with Sara what a girl can do Bookosmia

People believe women are as free as a birdie,
Look closely, they are as busy as a bee.
Additionally, they think that their work is a cinch,
Whenever women try to utter something, they are restrained by a pinch.

Girls can do everything from washing splotched clothes to running a massive company,
And they stand on their own in this world for earning money.
Women can be eminent and achieve ten on ten,
In the same right as that of the men.

Read with Sara what a girl can do Bookosmia

Despite of doing lots of work, they are as fit as a flea,
When you are counting tasks, one woman can take on men, three.
As homemakers they work for free,
Moreover, open doors for everything positive as if they were a key.

Notwithstanding that they are being belittled,
They never lose their mettle by becoming brittle.
So hats off to all the women who give us hope,
Spending their lives zestfully, even when perpetually under a microscope .


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