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Samaira Agarwal

14 Years

53 Years


‘Art means the world to me,’says 14 year old Samaira Agarwal from Kolkata

Art with Sara Bride or woman Samaira Bookosmia
Art with SaraHello young artists, your friend Sara here! Welcome to my vibrant ‘Art with  Sara’ section, where I publish the writings of young artists from across the  world, who not only share their beautiful work, but also manage an equally  challenging task of  ‘expressing their art.’
Today is another special write up.
#SaraReads poems from young poets Samaira Kolkata BookosmiaThe young artist Samaira from Kolkata helps us broaden our view of ‘art’, not only reflected in bright colours or vibrant paintings, but as a beautiful expression of our perspective.
Read on!
Art means the world to me and I just want to see that if we do anything with  our full interest and concentration, anything can be done. Your determination  can prove that everything is possible.
 I have made this art for all the women who leaves their house and sacrifice their title and wills.
Art with Sara Bride or woman Samaira Bookosmia
I have used my Zentangle and Madhubani skills and mostly  my own creativity to create this imagery of a bride.
A bride is a protagonist in the whole story of this world.
A bride….who is she? She is a transformation. Not of one life, but many. With  her devotion she starts a journey, but at the same time there are so many thoughts going in her mind. My art signifies all those thoughts of a bride. Every  doodle of art is an expression of her feelings, values and her knowledge.
Here is a break down of the various aspects being depicted
Art with Sara A Bride Woman Samaira Bookosmia
My most favourite part is the chess board- it shows her rationalizing skills, her efficiency of handling various situations smartly.
The part which reflects motherhood personifies the power of bring life to this  world, nurturing the little ones and showering all she has possessed. 
Lastly I would I like to highlight the ‘bindi’….it’s simply a promise to manage all her responsibilities with best efforts.. 

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