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‘Counting by 7s’ Book Review by 11 year old Ganeev Kaur Kapoor from Delhi

Book Reviews by young reader with Sara Counting by 7s Bookosmia

Hey book lovers, your friend Sara here! If a book is written for kids, who should be reviewing it? Kids, right? That doesn’t happen but we are here to change that, in this wonderful section –  ‘book reviews for young readers, by young readers!’ Thanks for pouring in all your wonderful entries.

Book Reviews with Sara Ganeev Delhi Bookosmia

11 year old Ganeev from Delhi sends us her comprehensive book review.

She goes to Springdales School and is student of Jabberwocky- Speech  and Drama.



Book Reviews by young reader with Sara Counting by 7s Bookosmia

Book-Counting By 7s

Author-Holly Goldberg Sloan

Counting by 7s is a heartwarming book written by New York Best Selling author and award-winning director Holly Goldenberg Sloan.



The story is of a 12-year-old genius girl named Willow Chance who loves  learning about diseases, skin problems, has a knack for planting, and loves counting by 7s. But when she returns from a counseling session from the school counselor Dell Duke, her whole life turns upside down. Her loving  parents are no more and she has no relatives who can take her in.

Young Willow Chance’s life is shattered as her adopted parents die in a car crash. Will she be able to cope with the loss will she ever count by 7s again?

Her new friend Mai Nyung takes her in and there shines a little light for Willow.  In a concrete building, Willow brings bright yellow sunflowers.


The book just connects with the reader, somehow making them feel warm  reading it. The book is for anybody who likes coming of age stories and books with happy endings.


Willow has no antagonist in her life except that fate always is one step ahead of her but Willow listens. She listens for things that most people don’t and she  uses them in her real life. She is a ‘genius’ as stated by Dell Duke.


The book is very beautiful and draws you in from the very first page. The  interesting characters build up and the story-line does not drop.

My favorite character for Jairo a taxi driver who thinks Willow is his angel as whatever she says to him turns. But in the end, he pays off her favor in  mysterious ways.  It was not what I expected it to be it was better in many ways.

It was more humorous and the point of view of the different characters  enhanced the overall experience. The book is for all kinds of readers- it may drag along but it improves throughout and I would recommend it to anyone who loves realism heartfelt books.


In the words of Willow herself, “books=comfort.”  This book will make you feel comfortable and warm the second you pick it up.

The recommended age for the book is 11 to 16 years.

The book is an award winning New York Times Bestseller. I would give this book 5 stars

*On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest



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