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My big fear and how I overcame it- Essay

Read with Sara overcoming fears Bookosmia
We all like to explore and do some thing new but some times we are scared to go about it. So if u also have a fear to do something then this story is exactly for you.
In my summer holidays I used to get bored, so my parents asked if I wanted to go to any class. As soon as my parents said this, I replied that I want to go to swimming class! My parents were happy with my choice.
So the next day itself I joined swimming class!
But I figured out that I had fear of water. I was scared that I may drown. I was shivering in the cold. My friends near me were laughing at me. I was a little disappointed but I did not express it to anyone.
This happened for one full week!
At last one day, I was scrolling though my mom’s phone when I thought why not to see how to swim ? I saw some videos and then it had a  video in which a boy who could not talk won a national championship.
I was dumbstruck! I thought for a while that he must also be scared like me and even unable to voice it out. If a boy who was physically challenged went ahead and achieved this, why not me?
As usual the next day I went to my swimming class but I noticed I was not shivering and I was able to swing with my kickboard. From then on, I started practicing really hard with full concentration. One day there was a competition in which I participated and won a gold medal. I could not actually believe it!
My parents and I were very happy.
So friends, this is how I overcame my fear of swimming. If you also have the fire in you, that you have to do it then you will do it at any cost.
All the best!


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