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‘A little love, to cure the dove,’ essay by 7 year old Kavishwar K. V from Chennai

Story on birds by Kavishwar K. V from Chennai Bookosmia

I am penning down some old memories, from when I was five.  


When I was a small kid , I enjoyed my holidays in my grandma‘s house with my twin brother Eshwar. My grandmas house was in a beautiful, green village in southernmost end of India called Kattuvilai. She had a lovely house. There, we  domesticated a few pet birds. They werethe hens Vijayas, the mynas Vidhyas, the parrots Dhanyas and the cocks Rajas. Few peacocks came from nearby  places. We fed them with grains. So peacocks also became good friends with other birds in our house


One evening I was playing with Eshwar and daddy in the front of our house. I saw a big eagle chasing a cute dove. Two crows also accompanied the eagle  and all the three chased the dove. The dove was frightened and cried with agony, fell down on the ground in front of our house


I ran with my brother Eshwar and safely captured the dove and saved it from the chasers. The aggressive eagle and crows left the dove and ran away. I held the dove in my hands, holding as delicately as a flower. Eshwar and I searched its body for any injuries.


Oh God! Yes we found some injuries and the blood was oozing out. Eshwar and  I ran to our daddy , showed the dove and told about its agony. Daddy got the  dove, handled it very nicely and told, Dont worry lovable dove kanna! | will smear some medicine for your injury. So dont worry.


Yes! Surprisingly, the dove seemed to feel better in my dads hand. Daddy had  given some first aid and medicine. The dove felt asleep n my dads hand.


Eshwar and I made a small readymade house for the dove. We named the dove Brisky and domesticated it. Both of us gave it rice, fruit and grains daily. In three days Brisky became well and played happily with us


Now, Eshwar and I released Brisky from its special house, and domesticated it with other birds Vijayas, Vidhyas, Dhanyas, and Rajas. Brisky mingled with other birds, ate food and lived happily with them

Story on birds by kids for kids with Sara Bookosmia


A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge. So we, the kids, love birds


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