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Cooking with my mom- A day well spent! Essay

Here is an upbeat story by 7 year old Atharv Tiwari from Nagpur about how he went from playing games on the phone to cooking with his mom. Let us also follow suit, what say?

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During the lockdown, we all were forced to stay indoors. I was a bit sad.

All the time, I loved to play games on the mobile which made my mother very  angry. One day she scolded me very badly and instructed me to watch some  cooking videos and help her in the kitchen.


Then I started helping and observed my mother’s method of cooking in the  kitchen. What attracted me the most was her passion for cooking.

Next day in the morning, my mother and I planned to give a surprise to my  grandparents who live near my house. As Grandparents Day was coming, I  invited them to join us for lunch.


It was a wonderful start to the day. I planned to make mango mousse. My  father bought vanilla custard and mint leaves from the market.  My mother started by boiling some milk and put some elaichi (cardamom) powder and  sugar in it.

All this while, my younger brother was disturbing us a lot. It made me angry.

My mother went inside to put him to sleep and then I mixed all the ingredients  of the custard with a spatula and blended PARLE-G biscuits with it. She came  and cut small mango cubes for topping. When she saw custard with biscuits,  she smiled and I told her to put it in the refrigerator.


In the meanwhile, my mother grinded almonds and guided me how to put layer of custard, chocolate sauce and mango cubes in a glass.

It was really the best and most creative thing to do!

My grandparents arrived on time. After sometime, my mother served lunch to  them while I was in the kitchen,  decorating my yummy mango mousse. After  having lunch, my grandparents were busy talking to my parents, when I presented them my mango mousse.


They were amazed to see my cooking and presentation skills. Parle-G mixed in the custard was really scrumptious and they named me “The Best Chef.”


My mother was very happy to hear this. I learnt a lot of things that day. Age is  not a bar. With focus and belief we can learn and do anything in our life.


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