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#SaraReads: Story- My city through the eyes of a little mouse #LifeAfterLockdown

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My city through the eyes of a little mouse

It was a bright sunny day. Little Moussie lived in my city Mumbai-full of life and noise.Suddenly, he saw people had gathered in front of a large television screen. Someone was making an announcement.


He ran to his mummy and heard them talking about something  called ‘lockdown.’ He didn’t know what it was.


In the evening Moussie saw that people had suddenly vanished from the roads.No cars, no horns, no smoke and no fear of getting crushed down under their wheels. 


Moussie could play with his friends on the vacant roads safely. He and friends ran into a supermarket. One of them even cautioned them of the possible mouse trap.But inside the store there was no one, it was so quiet .


Moussie and his friends ran from one corner to another. They ate nuts, cookies, chips, cheese and candies. Their stomach was full. They thought of taking some fresh stock home for everyone. Days passed and now Moussie could feel the difference. He saw that even kids did not come out to play.


Moussie ran up the pipe of a high rise building and saw little Mohan sitting in front of a computer screen.Mohan was only six years old. His eyes had turned red. There on the screen was his school teacher teaching. 


Everyday it started from 8:30 am and continued till 4:30 pm. Then again in the evenings there was Abacus, drawing everything through this small artificial window. Moussie also heard Mohan fighting with his mother to go out and play. People came with big tanks of sanitize sprays with masks on their faces.


Drones were flying in the sky. Moussie’s friend Little Birdie was afraid of drones.She thought drones could kill her. Moussie also had a little human friend named Maya.She was sweet and only three years old. Maya’s mother used to work as a maid  in a high rise building and her father was an auto driver.  Maya would share her biscuits, maggie and chapati with Moussie. Slowly even that stopped. Moussie could feel his friend Maya would sleep hungry. They didn’t have enough food.Maya’s father would fight for money. Days passed and things got worst. Lock down continued. 


One fine evening Moussie saw Maya’s father took Maya, her mother and their small belongings and left the slum in their auto for their village in Uttar Pradesh. Moussie could see the uncertainties of the future in his eyes.


That day Moussie cried a lot. Next morning Moussie didn’t come out to play. Little Birdie came to check on him. Birdie said though she was happy to fly in the clear blue sky without aeroplanes, she missed the hustle and bustle of the city. Little Moussie wanted the’ LOCK DOWN’ to come to an end now.

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