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‘Money Cannot Buy Memories’ Essay by 14 year old Bookosmian from Delhi

Read with Sara Essay by Anushka from Delhi

We work for money but money doesn’t work for us.

I think in this world of possessions, for many humans, the only desire is money and they are competing and running behind it because greed has overpowered them.

I think that many have neglected the fact that money cannot buy memories. It is external and cannot buy memories and non-
materialistic possessions like love and friendship of our near and dear ones.

Some people want to empower everything in their short life span. One day, money and possessions will be drained and a blanket of regression will surround them. The worst part is that greed can shut the eyes of a person and lead them to pay no attention to this beautiful world and creations of the almighty.

Man is entangled in the web of greed and chases money. Even his day starts with money and he sleeps dreaming of money and empowerment. But he is unaware of this bitter truth that he is collecting enough to satisfy his need but not his greed.

So, friends, as we grow up, we must ask ourselves, are we chasing money or happy memories?


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