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‘Dear 2021, Here Is My Wishlist This Year’ Essay by 8 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

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Dear 2021,

I am really happy that you are here. I have been waiting eagerly for you. 2020 has not been so kind to anybody but I hope that you are very kind to everybody and you fulfil everybody’s wishes.

There are a few things I want to do while you’re here in this letter. I look forward to go travelling to places with lots of snow and mountains.

Read with Sara Essay by Naina

I would also like to travel somewhere with a beach but how would I go to places like these if only flights inside India are available? However, I can go to Kashmir where there is snow and mountains and I can go to Goa where there is a big beach.

Read with Sara Essay by Naina

I would also like to go to California, USA to visit my cousins and my aunt and uncle.

I also want to achieve many goals this year by learning how to play golf properly with dedication and also learning how to play the guitar. I would like to buy a new golf set as well and some gloves so I don’t get hurt on my hands while playing.

Read with Sara Essay by Naina

I really look forward to this year because I can do many things this year that I didn’t do last year like going out a bit more often and ordering more food from outside and going to more restaurants that may open. I will also have to buy new clothes because all my clothes have become small for me, I will also have to buy some new sandals for summer because mine are tiny from last year.

Read with Sara Essay by Naina

Thank you 2021. I hope you will give me the opportunity to do many fun things and being adventurous this year.


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