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Rudram Purohit

8 Years

La Martiniere for Boys Kolkata


Mobile Phone : The Greatest Invention| Essay by Rudram, 8, Kolkata

What according to you is the greatest invention made by humans? 8-year-old Rudram from Kolkata makes his pick in this essay.

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The greatest invention humans have made is the mobile phone. The first mobile phone was invented in 1973 and the first smartphone came into existence in 1993.


This invention has changed our lives. For me, it has become a medium through which I can play with my friends even without meeting them, through video games such Fortnight, Minecraft and Roblox. 


Applications like Zoom and Google Meet have brought the world closer. It is useful to even call our parents for help in case we get lost. It is also important because one can set a wake-up timer! This has been a blessing for a heavy sleeper like me. Mobiles also keep us safe and what more, you have Siri to talk to, all the time! The biggest disadvantage of this invention is that people are getting addicted to it and not using their time in a productive manner.


It is important that the world keeps inventing new gadgets. This innovation will help us live an easier life and also save a lot of our time which can be used elsewhere.

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