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Air Conditioners- Humankind’s Greatest Invention| Blog by Aditi,8, Kolkata

Greatest invention ever made? 8-year-old Aditi from Kolkata has a cool opinion in this blog! 

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In my opinion,  air conditioners (ACs) are the greatest invention ever because they help us to stay cool when we are hot. 


We especially need ACs in Kolkata because it becomes terribly hot in summers.


The AC is the brainchild of Mr. Willis H. Carrier. I think it was very nice of him to invent this gadget. In tropical countries like India, this invention plays a very important role in the lives of people. It keeps the room temperature pleasant and not too hot. 


Air conditioners are everywhere – in hospitals, party halls, malls, airports etc. In states like Rajasthan, it takes on a more important role because sometimes it becomes extremely hot in summer time. I also agree that AC rooms are children’s favourite to sit in during summer afternoons. Oh! What a pleasure it is to sit in an AC room, on a comfortable sofa with a book in hand and a milkshake on the side table! 


But frequent use of AC is not good for our health and it damages our skin, hair, lungs and is bad for the climate too. If I sit in an AC room for too long, I catch a cold. 


People invent new things for others to live a better life but we should also be mindful of our environment and ensure these inventions don’t cause harm to our planet. 

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