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Climate Change Is Real And Nasty| Essay by Saral, 14, Hyderabad

Have you heard people talk about climate change these days? 14-year-old Saral from Hyderabad asserts the importance of knowing what it is and why it is important to take steps today. 

climate change drying up grasslands bookosmia kids

This essay is for those who scoff at climate change activists and think it doesn’t affect them. 


Here’s news for everyone : climate change is real and it can be nasty. 


It all started when our industries and daily appliances started releasing greenhouse gases. What is a greenhouse gas you might ask. Well,  they are gasses that trap heat. I know that doesn’t sound so bad since we all love a nice, sunny day filled with vibrant energy, but this trapping of heat is not a good thing. It thins out the ozone layer which protects us from the harmful rays of the sun. If this continues, it will become so bad that when you go out of home you will be back with a sunburn. 

ozone layer depletion NASA climate change bookosmia
Previous “world-avoided” experiments have shown that, without the Montreal Protocol, ozone levels would be depleted globally by the mid-twentieth century. Credits: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio


This heat also leads to global warming that could cause floods, tsunamis and in some regions this can also cause loss of water and droughts.

global warming essay bookosmia


This will mean a great loss to farmers since they require a lot of water for agriculture. Climate change can have significant effects on pollinators, which play a crucial role in plant reproduction and the maintenance of biodiversity. Climate change can also cause risks of landslides and soil erosion in certain areas. When excessive rainfall occurs, the soil becomes wet, rocks get damp and break, this process is called weathering where water and wind destroy land and excess rains can make landslides.

Landslide due to Climate Change Bookosmia blog
Debris from the landslide in Manipur, blocking a portion of the Ijai river.

Sounds scary, right? Don’t worry. Every villain has a weakness, and in this case, climate change can be stopped but only if we stop producing carbon dioxide. We can use electric cars, use cycles to cover close distances and reduce air-conditioning.

Electric cars to stop carbon emissions Bookosmia
Electric cars to stop carbon emissions

By doing this we can avoid the terrible effects of climate change and live happily. 


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