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Baking my first brownie | Blog by Elisa, 9, Kolkata

What was the first ever food item you made? 9-year-old Elisa from Kolkata recounts her delightful experience making brownies. Yum!

Baking brownie recipe kids bookosmia

It was a boring evening and I thought of making a sweet, delicious dessert which would be as thrilling as going on an adventure. I felt like baking a sweet scrumptious dish, but oh boy, I knew I was most probably going to have a disaster! But I still made it. 


I saw the recipe for a yummy brownie on the internet. The recipe was very easy. The ingredients were dark chocolate, butter, eggs, flour, vanilla extract and sugar. So first I melted the chocolate and butter, but I accidentally melted the chocolate separately when I had to melt them together. I grumbled that I was so stupid, and I did not have any culinary skills however I tried to maintain hygiene as much as I could by washing my hands before cooking and making sure my ingredients weren’t spoiled. Then I sieved the flour and blended the sugar in the blender to get powdered sugar and kept it aside.

baking sieve brownie blog kids

I took a bowl and cracked the eggs inside. I put the sugar and stirred it until it turned pale yellow then after that I added the melted chocolate and butter and accidently I got some on my face and my hands, silly me. 


After adding the chocolate and butter I stirred it vigorously then I added the sieved flour and vanilla extract and blended all the ingredients together. I took a baking pan and lined it with parchment paper after which I poured the mixture into it and baked it in the oven. My mother was the one who assisted me on my little adventure. In the end my dish was a success and thankfully not a disaster.

Baking Brownie kids blog Bookosmia

Everyone who was with me in my house ate it including my aunt, my fussy cousin and my mom. They loved it!

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