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How I made a friend : My story | Blog by Anika,9, Gurugram

Do you find it easy to make friends? 9-year-old Anika from Gurugram pens an honest note on what having a good friend means to her in this blog.

Mental health - How a compliment helped me make friends

I find it very difficult to make friends. I usually want to make friends in school rather than my neighbourhood. Sometimes, just having a little talk on some school thing or asking something like sharpener, eraser and other things from children also helps me to make friends. Those who are not my friends, I consider them my acquaintances, of course I talk politely to them. 


For me, keeping friends is important as we have someone to share our secrets, joys and worries with. I talk nicely to everyone and am funny. My friends really like how I can twist and turn things to make them as funny as possible. That’s why they often come to me for homework or classwork. 


I have one best friend and five other friends. One day, Aashirya told me she would give me a friendship band in school. So I also gave her one on Friendship Day and we started talking. Then in a few days when I got to know her a little we became best friends. I talk with my friends and sit with them during recess. Good friends help you change for the better. Always look out for whom you are considering as a friend as they are the ones who shape you as a person.    

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