Reyansh Sinha

10 Years

Blue Bells International School

New Delhi

Indian Idol: The boy who sang| Poem by Reyansh,10, Delhi

Does a boy who loves to sing become a famous singer? 10-year-old Reyansh from Delhi wants us to guess. 

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Once there was a boy,

who sang merrily.

All kids clustered around

to hear him singing happily.


He sang about the rain,

the cool, refreshing breeze

He sang about the insects,

including buzzing bees.


He sang about the tree,

which he described as flourishing green.

He sang about the blue sky,

which he described as spotless clean.


At midnight, he asked his mother, “Mom, I will become a famous singer, alright?”

“You definitely will,”she muttered as she dozed off in the night.


The boy was relieved after hearing this,

but this was history.

Did he become a famous singer?

This is still and maybe forever will be a mystery.

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