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I love a rainy day | Essay by Manya,8,Kolkata

What’s your favourite season? For 8-year-old Manya from Kolkata, it’s the rains she talks about in this cute essay. 

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The rainy season is between July and September, in Kolkata. It is the best season. I love the rain because it makes puddles everywhere. I love to play in the rain and have fun.


We hear many melodious sounds like the pitter patter of raindrops, chirping of birds and children playing in the rain. When it rains, the trees dance along with the strong breeze. Sometimes, after the rains, muddy puddles turn up. I enjoy it a lot when it drizzles because then I can go and get wet in the rain. When it drizzles, I love to drink hot chocolate or ginger tea. In the night if it rains, I like to cuddle under the blanket and read a book. I also like to sail paper boats in the puddles, to see the black and dark sky and play board games.


This is an enjoyable season because we can get wet. The rainy season also helps the farmers to grow their crops.

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