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Young Reader’s Club-May| Yuval Noah Harari’s Unstoppable Us

Can’t believe our young reader’s get to share their review of Unstoppable Us with none other than Yuval Noah Harari, author of the iconic Sapiens book,  in this summer special Young Reader’s Club!!

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Hello Young Reader,
If you are not a part of the club yet, click here.
We are so excited to have you onboard in the Book Club for May! It is really something to share your thoughts on the book with the author and when that author is globally celebrated historian Yuval Noah Harari, wow!
Reading is delightful when it is self-paced and with time to reflect, don’t you think so? Here is where we are in the cycle of our Book Club this month.
Unstoppable Us book club.jpg
A few questions that may help you think, mull and ponder over the book better.
  1. What did you think about the cover of the book?
  2. What were you expecting the book to be about?
  3. Things in the book that really surprised you!
  4. Are you enjoying the tone of the writing?
  5. Anything you have read so far that you are excited to share with your friends and family?
We would love to know your thoughts on the above questions. Do share with us as you go along!
Checkpoint #2
Are you the kind of reader who finishes the book in one go or the one who reads a little every day, or something else in between? Whatever kind you are, the ‘reader’ tribe rocks and this is an alert for you to start finishing off the book 😁
As you read through, here are questions for you to think over in this phase-
1) Now that you know what the book is about, why do you think the author wrote it? And that too for kids?
2) Have you read any other book on a similar theme? If yes, how does it compare?
3) The author, Yuval Noah Harai insists throughout the book that we don’t have answers to some of the biggest questions– how our ancestors lived?  What were their families like? What happened to the Neanderthals| How did you feel when you read these open questions? 
4) Is there any other animal/creature you know who can control fire? Why do you think we as humans can and how has it shaped our journey as homo sapiens?
That is a lot of food for thought! Don’t stay hungry but don’t overeat either. Do share with us as you go along!
Unstoppable Us- Milestone1.jpg
Checkpoint #3
All set for the Book Club meet on 27th May, Sat 6.30pm? Do RSVP to our Bookosmia Whatsapp no.- 7619127444 to confirm.
Click here to join the meeting on 27th May, Sat 6.30pm| Meeting ID: 799 933 2053, Passcode: Bookosmia1
There will be a lot of chatter, activities and fun but we are looking forward to your thoughts on some of these questions-
  1. Is there a sentence or idea or argument that stood out for you? 
  2. If you could ask the author and historian Yuval one thing, what would that be?
  3. Has this book changed your view or made you look at something in a new light?

See you on Saturday!

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