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Story-Lockdown and the Magic School

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Once upon a time, there lived a girl named Sanvi, who lived with her parents  and grandparents. Sanvi believed in magic, she felt magic when it rained, when the wind blew, magic in the clouds and magic when a beautiful rainbow  appeared.

Ever since the lockdown, Sanvi missed playing with her friends and going to  her school.  Every morning, Sanvi would go to her flower garden and search for some magic. She would look everywhere if she could spot a fairy. She really  wished to make fairy friends since she couldn’t play with her regular friends  because of the lockdown.

One day when Sanvi was playing by herself in the garden, she spotted a glowing silver fairy. The silver fairy had her own unicorn, genie and fairy friends, with whom she.  Just then, they got a ‘bubble call’ from their teacher.  Bubble call is like a phone call but using magic fairy wand. The fairy teacher yelled “Come to class, it is school time”. As Sanvi didn’t have any school, the  silver fairy and her friends invited Sanvi to join them to their school. The fairies said, “Come on Sanvi, you will love our school. You will have magical treats;  learn a lot about fairies, genies, mermaids and magic. We will tell our teacher  that you are our new best friend.” So Sanvi decided to go to the fairy school of Magic.

The fairy school was in fairyland, through a golden tunnel inside a rainbow, so colorful with glowing glitter everywhere. Sanvi loved being there and learnt a  lot about magic.


One day after magic lessons, her friend Mila the mermaid told Sanvi that there  lived a bad octopus who was teasing all the mermaids in the ocean and laughing at them. And when the mermaids were sleeping, the octopus would  tickle them so that they’d wake up. Sanvi had an idea. She asked all the mermaids to wait till the octopus fell asleep and then tickle the octopus.


The Octopus was just falling into deep sleep when Sanvi and the mermaid  fairies tickled the octopus from all directions. Just then, the octopus realized  how he made the mermaids feel when he tickled them and did not let them sleep. He said, “Sorry I was a bully. I promise I will not do it again.”


The  mermaids thanked Sanvi for her help. Now the octopus and the mermaids played together. Just then Sanvi remembered it was time to go back to her  house. She slid down the golden tunnel of the fairy school of magic off the  rainbow and reached her garden at home.


She was so happy to see her  parents and happier to hear that her real school  was going to open online soon. She was excited to start learning new things  with her classmates, even though it was going to be online.

And she lived happily ever after.


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