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#SaraReads: Essay- A Tribute to Doctors

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National Doctors Day is on 1st  July 2020, a day which is celebrated to honor  the legendary Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy; who was also the second chief minister of Bengal. During this difficult time, when the world is fighting coronavirus, being a resident of Kolkata , I thought it is only right to pay tribute to all the doctors and nurses as well as all medical practitioners who are silent heroes in this challenging time.


Doctors all over the world are given stature next to God. This is because they are life savers who work tirelessly for mankind. Being a doctor is considered one of the most sought –after professions. In these testing times, they have proved themselves to be heroes, role-models  in their own rights and have also been called Covid warriors.


In Kolkata, even while we were fighting against the gruesome COVID-19, we have also faced many accidents and causalities during the Amphan cyclone which proved to be an additional burden during this time. The city has been adversely affected, witnessing a rise in dengue and typhoid cases.  During such challenging times, all the doctors are still abiding by the Hippocratic Oath which is one of the oldest binding documents in history. They are fighting against all the odds abiding by their oath and trying to protect each and every life they can.


There have been so many heart -warming videos of doctors and nurses wearing PPE ( Personal Protection Equipment) suits, masks and shields to protect themselves and helping the ones in need. Many of the doctors and nurses are working tirelessly for 24 hours shifts straight keeping their patients’ needs above their own. Many are even sleeping in their cars or being isolated from their families for such a long time just because they don’t want to be a carrier of this disease or infect their loved ones. Some of them have  even lost their lives due to this deadly disease.


People all around the world are paying tribute and expressing their gratitude to all medical professionals battling the COVID-19 pandemic. There have been many heart felt videos from all around the globe about the same. 


In fact, a few days ago I came across a video of over 40 doctors, in India and few from our own city Kolkata, dancing and putting up a performance to  spread joy and uplift peoples spirts. It was a delight to watch this. It just demonstrated their determination and how they were trying to put a smile on everyone’s faces.


However there shouldn’t just be one day to celebrate their contribution to  society as their service is an integral part in our lives. But this year on first of July, lets take a moment to acknowledge all their unconditional support and express our gratitude to each and every doctor who has ever crossed our way to show our appreciation for each of them.

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