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Cristiano Ronaldo – The G.O.A.T(Greatest of all time)| By Mridul, Chennai,13

13 year old Mridul from Chennai exudes, for his favourite sports person. What has been your fan moment? Read on in this blog.

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Cristiano Ronaldo – The G.O.A.T(Greatest of all time)

Since the day I was born I have seen my whole family being addicted to the  game of cricket. My grandmother unlike most others her, age did not watch sad soap operas but nail biting, gut wrenching cricket matches with me which made me look like a king in school. Unlike my friends, I did not have to plead to watch Dhoni hit the ball for six, my grandmother watched with me!

But on June 1, 2017, I changed my allegiance after 10 years of love for cricket. A special relationship had blossomed with the sport I had earlier despised – football. I was just scrolling down on the play store trying to find a new game  to play and thought of deleting it in two days as usual. That’s when I stumbled upon a peculiar game called ‘FIFA Mobile’.


It was a game about …
Football! Delete! Delete!
I had just had a huge debate with my best friend for nearly 3 hours the day  before about what is the most superior sport, football or cricket so I was sure I  will not play this game. But the game’s thumbnail intrigued me. The person in the thumbnail was Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro or in short Cristiano Ronaldo. It took me more than twenty minutes to pronounce his name well.


The next day I was curious to know who this guy was. Later I understood that  he was the 5 th richest sportsperson in 2017 and had more followers than  Virat Kholi and Dhoni combined. Then I found his ‘rags to riches’ story in The Guardian.

Oops! Nearly after 300 words I am going to talk about the hero of my story!
Cristiano Ronaldo was born on 5 February 1985 in Madeira, Portugal in a poor family. The day he was born, history was written for him, to be the greatest of  all time. But he had lots of hurdles to pass before he could conquer the world.


During school days, he was bullied by his classmates and others who he played with, as a ‘cry baby’. He was a poor boy who couldn’t buy a new pair of socks.  He stood his ground and showed them who he was in the field. He finally broke and threw a chair at a teacher who teased his father and was suspended from the school. That’s not it, out of the blue another lightning struck , the same day Cristiano fainted and was rushed to the hospital by his brother.

The doctors said he had a cardiac disease which made him so weak that it is  nearly impossible for him to play football but that is all Cristiano needed to  hear, the words nearly impossible. He made that ‘nearly impossible’ into ‘absolutely possible’. Few days after his surgery, he took out his worn-out football boots and his torn football to stride like the king he was destined to be.


After practicing for day and night, he was scouted by a Sporting Football Club  in Portugal and the rest is history. Ronaldo donated more than a million dollars  to charity and also has helped a 10 year old kid fight brain tumour by donating the full cost of his surgery.


He makes nearly millions of dollars but wants to help anyone he can. Even  though he fights in the pitch like the warrior, he is an angel who also cares about others and that is what makes him such a role model to football fans like me.

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