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#SaraReads: Poem-Human, the caged one

Nature poem by kids for kids Bookosmia

Poem: Human – The Caged One 


Has man vanished?

Or from Earth has he been banished?

Why does the sky seem so blue ?

Oops! About this I really have no clue.


From flying high in the sky and not seeing a crowd

To swooping down low and not hearing anything loud.

As I observed from my nest,

I hoped that all this was for the best.


As the days passed,

I noticed people walking masked.

As I flew freely,

People came out of their houses meekly.


I wondered what had happened,

Had people really quietened ?

Then I heard , there was a virus 

Which had made the whole world seem lifeless.


Now man has become the caged one,

Look at what he has done.

While I spread my wings high in the sky,

This pitiful creature can only cry.

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