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Dhruv Vinayak

10 Years

Deens Academy Gunjur


Little Singham : My favourite cartoon character | Review by Dhruv, 10, Bangalore

Who is your favourite cartoon character? 10-year-old Dhruv from Bangalore has a clear pick and shares his reason in this review!

Little Singham cartoon kids review

Little Singham : My favourite cartoon character


Unstoppable, invincible, intelligent – that’s Little Singham, my favourite animated character. Little Singham is a police officer. l love the police and that is why I love this character. I am impressed with the police because they catch thieves.


Little Singham wears a police uniform and a red handkerchief. He loves to keep his sunglasses on and he is a kind policeman. He fights criminals, monsters and dangerous mutants to protect his city from evil eyes. He just doesn’t fight with them but sends them to jail too. 


I love to watch all the episodes of Little Singham but the one I always enjoy watching is when Little Singham defeats two dangerous souls who pretend to be human.


I love this character for his strength and courage.


Photo credits- Wikipedia

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