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Janani Reddy

9 Years

Delhi Public School


Ammamma & Thatha, Nannamma & Abba- My grandparents | Blog By Janani, 9

So many reasons to love your grandparents! 9-year-old Janani from Bangalore shares hers in this cute blog.

My grandparents kids blog bookosmia
My grandparents are very kind.
I call my maternal grandparents Ammamma and Thatha and my paternal grandparents Nannamma and Abba.
Both my grandmothers make whatever I like. I love to eat the food cooked by them. They both tell me stories from Ramayana.
I enjoy drawing with my Abba and he also helps me with homework. My Abba knows all the games and he plays badminton and football. He also knows yoga. My Abba taught me how to swim.
I often share my ideas with my grandparents.I love my grandparents a lot.

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