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Jishnutha S.R.

12 Years

DAV Public School, NTPC- Kaniha, Angul Dist, Odisha

Kaniha, Odisha

Red Riding Hood : City Diaries | By Jishnutha, 12, Kaniha

Did you hear about the time Red Riding Hood moved to the city? 12-year-old Jishnutha from Kaniha, Odisha brings to us this fantastic tale. 

little red riding hood fairy tale retold

Red Riding Hood : City Diaries


Red Riding Hood had moved from her thatched cottage in the forest which was in the middle of nowhere to a city. Her grandmother, who couldn’t stand the hustle and bustle, decided to stay in the forest, promising her family that she could handle any sort of predators. Red Riding Hood’s family had moved to an apartment which was in the heart of the city. 


While she missed her friends, Red Riding Hood found equal entertainment in her new flat. She loved the lift, roof top, balcony and so on. One day, her mother asked Red Riding Hood to go to the market. Red Riding Hood first denied because she was exhausted after arriving from school but accepted after being coaxed. She trotted warily on the sidewalks especially while crossing the road because there are so many perils for a countyr girl in a city. Finally, she reached the market.

There was a hubbub going on where vendors yelled their prices and offers. She looked at her list. All she had to buy was a few groceries. In a couple of minutes, she got all her provisions and waited for a bus to take her home. The women usually didn’t have to pay for tickets in a city bus. She huffed at the load while climbing on the bus.

Meanwhile, a strange man glanced at Red Riding Hood.  He stealthily walked about like a hyena preying  on a deer. Once he was right behind her, he grabbed her purse and tried to run off but before he could do that, Red Riding Hood stepped on his foot and gave her signature move, a karate chop!

She said, “I don’t think I will yelp for help.” The thief was so frightened that he ran out of the bus. Her co-passengers were amazed and patted her on the back. Red Riding Hood simply smiled and sat on her seat like nothing had happened. The bus rumbled on the road as she thought about the lesson she learnt from the wolf incident. And she was no more a babe from the woods but a valorous city girl.

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