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The Funny World Of Tom And Jerry | Poem by 10 year old Saanvi

10 year old Saanvi Agarwal, a Bookosmian from Kolkata loves Tom and Jerry and their funny antics and writes a poem about them! Tell us about your favourite cartoon character!

The funny world of Tom and Jerry

The famous TV show Tom and Jerry,
They lived in the house of Miss Merry.

Look at them get into a fight,
Poor Tom always ends up with a toothache or a nail scratch.

Jerry the mischievous mouse,
A bed, tv, sofa all fit in his little house…

Tom that hungry kitty,
When his plan backfires no one has pity.

Jerry throws powder when Tom is about to snore,
Oh boy! Here come sneezes galore…

After this cycle, Tom’s eyes are filled with rage,
He sets a mouse trap but falls in his own cage…

This duo they sure are funny,
Spoiler: In the next one Tom gets stuck in honey!

The funny world of Tom and Jerry



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