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Octonauts - Best cartoon for kids



These days after attending my online classes I play with my Lego blocks for five minutes and then I watch television.

I am watching Octonauts these days and that is my favourite cartoon.

I like it because they help sea creatures, clean bad water and discover new sea creatures.


Octonauts - Best cartoon for kids


There are eight crew members of Octonauts. Captain Barnacles, who is the leader of the Octopod-2. It is called Octopod as it has eight legs. Peso is a doctor who is always ready to treat his patients. Kwazii, is the treasure hunter. He is a German pirate. He is very much afraid of spiders. Professor Inkling, the octopus who loves to read books. The most loving part is the vegetables, they cook food. Dashi and Tweak invent the codes which make the GUPS work.


Octonauts - Best cartoon for kids


There are four Octonauts movies as well and I have watched all of them. I loved the Ring of fire episode. I also liked the episode of exploring Saskatoon-Cenote.


Octonauts - Best cartoon for kids


I wish that I can meet the Octonauts and join their team on all their wonderful sea adventures.



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