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How To Bunk School- Humorous Poem by 10 year old Bookosmian from Singapore

How to Bunk School Funny Poem Bookosmia

How To Bunk School– A Poetic Recipe


A cup of sleeping
A jar of excuses
A tablespoon of lateness
A teaspoon of secrecy
A bowl of willingness
2 cups of plans
A pinch of cleverness
A spoon of hiding.

How to Bunk School Funny Poem Bookosmia

Wake up late,
You’re doing great!


Go over the plan again,
How and when.


Don’t brush your teeth
Don’t make your bed.
Go over the excuses in your head.


Go and make a fuss.
Try to miss the bus.


When you arrive at school,
Keep your cool.


Find a place,
To hide your face.

And lastly,
Have secrecy.


So now don’t be a fool,
Start bunking school!

Picture Credit- Dawn, Young World

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