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All my teachers are aliens? An imaginative story by 10 year old Bookosmian from Delhi

I don’t know why but today I got up early, so I decided to go to school early and  do my homework. When I got there, I had a problem in math so I went to Mrs.  Banarby. I opened the door and I was surprised to see that all my teachers  were aliens.

I was shocked. I told all of my classmates that their favorite teachers were  aliens. They started asking me for proof. I showed them that the aliens were  taking the body of humans. They all agreed with me and we planned to troll those aliens. When the Math teacher arrived, she started writing on the black  board and I went to the smart board. There I played a music tune very loudly.  Due to this, teachers from other classes got irritated and came to our class.

That’s when they all started transforming back to aliens. All this was captured in the C.C.T.V. camera. Our principal ma’am arrived with police officers. The  police officers took the aliens to jail and I don’t know that what they did with them. I thought that I would get a bravery award from the Prime Minister but no, as usual the award went to police.

We have now got new teachers. Yayyy!


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